lundi 21 septembre 2015

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(émission du 20-09-15)

Hébergeur d'image54-46 riddim (Flash it up) 
            ft. Hanna P – Cool down baby
            Gold inde – From the inside
            Osi – Basta 
            Captain Töbie – Snoeiseizoen
Informative History Man – Historyman chant
                                                Don’t be ungrateful
                                                Presidents of America
Emeterians – Cultivate
                         Open the gate
                         No need
Bryan Art – Knowledge is power            
Ruach Ru – Can’t have my mind
Andy David  – Supermarket
Teacha Dee – The blessing
                         Can’t kill easy
                         Smoke & fly
                         Rasta ting
Eschrome & Kris David – What’s the situation
Chantman – Sa ka fèt
Da’plan – Bravery 

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