lundi 29 septembre 2014

Daddy Lucos : Frenchtown HiFi Volume 1

28 septembre 2014

Special sur la compilation Frenchtown HiFi Volume 1 (Dub Livity Music)

Ksann beware dub
Nyabin Sound – Mr President (feat. Jacko)
B High – Beware (feat. Marina P)
Inner Rose – Rise Up
Inner Rose – Rise Up dub  (Dub by Pilah)
Creation Culture – Take It Easy (feat. Sista Bethsabée)
Creation Culture – Dub It Easy
Fu Steps – To The Next Generation
Fu Steps – Dub Generation
Scient’Sim – Change (feat. Jazzy Leï)
Ackboo – Dub Mi Nuh Babylon
Roots Ista Posse – Tell Them Again (feat. Ras Mykha)
Roots Ista Posse – Tell Deh Melodica
Rootical 45 – We Are The Generation (feat. Daba Makourejah)
Rootical 45 – Dub Generation
Dawa Hifi – War & Crime
Dawa Hifi – War & Crime Dub
Mo Kalamity and the wizards Majesty

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