dimanche 14 juillet 2013

The Revolution on a bicycle

14-07-1789: prise de la Bastille, Révolution française, fête nationale (French national holyday)
13-07-2013: une étape du Tour de France passait par Lyon (the Tour de France did a stop in Lyon)
(émission du 14-07-13)

Playlist :
The Revolution…
Clancy Eccles – Power for the people
Winston Jarrett – Must be a revolution
Brigadier Jerry - Fight for your rights
Ini Kamoze & Mutabaruka – Revolution
Louie Culture – Revolution song
Paul Elliott – Smell a revolution
Serge Gainsbourg ft. Big Youth -  Aux armes etc.
Big red – Aux Armes etc…
… on a Bicycle
Easton Clarke – Bike no license
Junior Dread – Sufferers heights
General Trees – Bike family
Toyan – Pon mi bike
Yellowman – Hill & gully rider   
Early B – Bicycle bicycle
Junior Reid – Poor man transportation
Early B – Wheely wheelie
Eek a mouse – Peeni walli
Don Angelo – Bicycle move
Pink Panther & Blacka Ranking – One wheel wheelie
Frankie Paul - One wheel wheelie

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