lundi 9 octobre 2017

Please Mr Postman

émission du 8/10/17

Smithy – Doggie bite postman
Cynthia Richards – Mr Postman
Pluto Shervington – Letter from Miami
The Duke All Stars – Letter to Mummy & Daddy
Jimmy London – No letter today
Gregory Isaacs – Write myself a letter
Barrington Levy – The letter song
Freddie McKay – Mr Postman
Burning Spear – African postman
Wayne Jarrett – Dreadlocks postman
Lionel Barrett – Mr Postman
Tippa Lee & Rappa Robert – Postman at your gate
Katchafire – Lover letter
Hollie cook – Postman
Stephen Marley – Postman
Skarra Mucci – The letter
Macka B – Rasta postman
Kiprich – The letter
Lt Stitchie – Letter to dad
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