lundi 17 juillet 2017

The mid-year re-play(list)

Petite review de sons sortis en début d'année
A little review of sounds from the beginning of the year
(émission du 16-07-17)

Dennis Bovell – Row, row, row
Meta & the Cornerstone – Hira
Mark Wonder – Dragon slayer
Fari Di Future & Autarchii – Shashamani living + Johny GoFigure – Life ina Brooklyn
Csavi – War chant joy
Marcus Gad – Keep cool
Longfingah – Raggamuffin yute run tings
JStar & Ranking Joe – Bad boy
Humble – Plant what you eat, grow what you eat
Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution – Shine eye dubs you
AMJ Collective – Left to right
Boobooz All Stars ft Laurène – Venus as a boy
Sir Jean – Together we stronger
Samory I – Rasta nuh gangsta
IllBilly HiTech – Happy
Droop Lion – Rags to riches
Dionne Reid – Bam bam
Mista Savona ft Randy Valentine & Solis - Carnival

Thanks to all reggae lovers, productors & promotors!

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