mardi 2 mai 2017

Let's work for non violence

30/04/17: Journée internationale de la non violence éducative
(International day of educative non violence)

Francis & Franklyn – No more warriors
Roy Shirley – Be good
hebergement d'imageKen Boothe – I wish it could be peaceful
Burning Spear – Live good
Dillinger – Leggo violence
Althea & Donna – No more fighting
Abdulkareem – Peace in the city
Winston McAnuff – Peace
Jimmy Cliff – Peace officer
The Wailing Souls – Peace & love shall reign
Taj Weekes & Adowa – Peace & love
Little Hero – Peace
Fantan Mojah – World peace
Djanta & Lutan Fyah – Peace
Yami Bolo – Stop the violence
Raphael – Another peace song
Natural Black – Nuh promote nuh violence
Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal – Peace a the action

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