lundi 26 septembre 2016

Daddy Lucos Corner : Special Frankie Paul

(Emission du 25/09/2016)


African princess
Babylon man
Fool’s fighting
Africa we’re going home
Jingle + Pass the tu shung peng
If You
Tidal wave
Tell Me Why
A We Rule
King Champion
Possee Run Come Jammys
Dry Your Eyes
Your love is Amazing
Mix Stuck On you /You’re The Sun/
Be Mine Tonight
Get Ready 
Who’s Gonna Help The Youths
Mix  /Dread Out Dreh/Thanx And Praises/Songs Of Freedom
Have Mercy
Bring Yu Body Come  (feat  Buju Banton )
Mix Worries In The Dance+ Worries In The Dance Saxon Dubplate
Send Me A Message
Call The Brigade
Hold Me


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