lundi 7 décembre 2015

Few news & reports

(émission du 6-12-15)

Rubera Roots Band – Rise up
                                - Konciencia
Hébergeur d'image                                – Militanti roots
Messieh – Unity in the community
Chainska Brassika – Love the way
Natty – Gaïa + Prince Fatty’s dub
Micah Shemaiah ft Infinite & Matthias – Reggae rockit
Retro Locks riddim mix  ft.
                                 - Iba Mahr (Travelling home)
                                 - Runkus (Kindness)
                                 - Treesha (Don’t do it)
Asadenaki & the Tuff Gang – Keep on
JusJames – Social psychology
On the Corner riddim mix  ft.
                         - Tydal Kamau (Babylon can’t get away)
                         - Jesse Royal (Cool & deadly)
Ram Jam riddim mix  ft.
                             - Ras Demo (Watch the thing)
                             - L.U.S.T. (She’s pretty like)
                             - Shaggy (Don’t stop)
                             - Chronixx (Play some roots)
Exile di Brave – Talk it like
T.J aka Likkle Briggie – What kind of world

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