lundi 12 octobre 2015

Once again, new sounds from the best

(émission du 11-10-15)


Generation H riddim reloaded
Hébergeur d'image    ft. Balik/Straïka D/I Woks Sound/Sir Samuel/Scars

D’nations – Trample bad mind
               – Earth red/Dub a run red
               - Agony haffi gwaan ft. Raggana

Flox - So many blisters
        – Times up
        – Tight
        – A road

Patko - Dutty money
          - Solid as a rock ft. Dean Fraser
          - Here to learn
          – Maroon ft. Djely Kouyate

Junior Kelly – No dig it up
                   – Power to the people
                   – High hopes
                   - Memories

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