lundi 26 octobre 2015

Daddy Lucos : 90s Uk Dub Style

(Émission du 25 octobre 2015)

Mixman  Kill Nebuchadnezzer  Fish, Goat & Suffurah Ft: Versatile Creations - Warm The Nation
Fish + Goat At The Controls Ft: Aba Shanti - High Tide Shark Attack
Fish + Goat At The Controls - School Of Fish
Dub Ghecko  love to the power of each
The Herb on dub Fussing and Fighting 

King General   Joker smoking
Culture Freeman  The fittest
Vibronics Awakening
Iration Steppas rejection (festival remix)
Bush Chemists Get conscious (exclusive) feat Junior Delgado
Mix Alpha & Omega  Philosopher’s stone + Philosopher's dub remixed by the Disciples  feat Nishka on vocals

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