dimanche 5 juillet 2015

A Review & Some news

(émission du 5-07-15)

Angella Stewart
Hébergeur d'image    – Hurting me boy
    – Good good loving
Wyman Low & the Ravers
    – Rainbow generation
    – No sympathy (P. Tosh)
Runkus – Rain start fall
Ky-Mani Marley
    ft. Damian Marley – Keepers of the light
    ft. Matisyahu & Gentleman – We are
    ft. LMK – So bad
    ft. Face-T – We run the game
    ft.Guive & Taïwan Mc – Dangerous
    ft. Tribuman – Mercedes
    ft. S’Kaya – African brothers
Tu Shung Peng
    ft. Pesso & Nazzleman – Children love each other
    ft. Ossie Gad – Keeping love alive
    ft. Twinkle Brothers - Mighty conqueror
    ft. Bongo – Ghetto people struggling
    ft. Omar Perry – The order

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