dimanche 24 mai 2015

Daddy Lucos : Jah Kingdom Mixtapes

Jah Kingdom Mixtapes  Daddy Lucos Corner (Emission du 24 mai 2015) Vol 3 Junior Byles fade away
Glen Washington Jah Glory label joe Frasier 2000
Michael Prophet Freedom label charm riddim power and will
Admiral Tibet Power and will

Vol 2 Sugar black/lebenchulah start the war
         Pdt Brown fool is thirsty
         Morgan Heritage
         Louie Culture Ragga Ragga
         Tony Rebel Sabbath meditation

Vol 10 Mikey General sons and daughters 

 Vol 13 Ambelique it’s gonna be alright
Jimmy Riley Grow More
Yami Bolo Protocols Of Babylon
Pinchers Mi Chiqiteta
Jahmali Oh Jah Jah
Richie Spice Only Jah
Luciano Black Man King

Vol 25 V.C  Gwaan  

 Vol 32 Determine Dem A Fight War
          Anthony B Hail Jah
          Cutty Ranks Gang War
          Admiral Tibet Battlefield
          Luciano Just Remember
          Stinga D Seed Yuh Show
          Bushman This Ya Time
          Qshan Dia Equality
          Iley Dread give thanks

Vol 30 Georges Nooks the good book
          Pinchers break peace
          Mark Wonder kings highway

Vol 24 Tamlins Queen of the Ministrel
          Tamlins and Sabbba Ministrel and Queen
          Georges Nooks Just call me
          Glen Washington I’ll sing my song

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