dimanche 8 mars 2015

Redrockers musical productions & other news

(émission du 7-03-15)
Interview avec/with Daddy Rudie & Mr Forskuf du/from the Redrockers crew. Boom!


Horace Andy & Red Rockers - Live in the city
Horace Andy & Red Rockers - Monster mobster

King Kong - Rumble jumble life
King Kong - My sound stands alone

Sebastian Sturm -True music
Sebastian Sturm - Free man (Erratum: this song is "by" Freddy McKay & not "ft." F. McKay as I said)
Sebastian Sturm - Grand day out

Reserved riddim :
      Luckie D - My superwoman
      Thrillout - Pulling me in
      Jerry Star - To a better tomorrow
      Jahmilia - Unite the voices

Ragin Fyah - Running away

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