lundi 26 janvier 2015

Reggae Britannia

Reggae in Britain
Daddy Lucos Corner
(Emission du 25 Janvier 2015)

Playlist :
Aswad back to Africa 
LKJ it not funny 
Steel Pulse Prodigal son
Revelation Rockers Jah Praises  
Mix don’t call us immigrants:  Reggae regular where is jah  /The African Brothers - Gimme African Love/Pablo Gad - Hard Times/Lion Youth - Rat a Cut Bottle
Joshua Moses rise up 
3-D Production Riot 
Martin Campbell wicked rule 
Revolutionary dub warriors iration 
Paul Fox death trap 
Barbara Naps what about the youth 
Trevor Dixon war ruff cut 
Kenny knots dubateers full flight
Ital power spiritual movements + Tez Fa Siyon

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