lundi 14 avril 2014

Mind mental slavery

13 Avril 1953 : le directeur de la CIA Allen Dulles lance le projet MK-Ultra de manipulation mentale
(April 13th 1953: CIA director Allen Dulles launched the MK-Ultra project of mental manipulation)
(émission du 13-04-14)

Bob Marley & the Wailers – Redemption song
The Wailers – Lively up yourself
Delroy Williams – Your mind
The Viceroys – The intelligence of her mind
The Banyans – Free your soul
The Congos – Education of brainwashing
Jah Shaka – Know yourself
Mickey Dread – Mental slavery
Leroy Smart – Bad minded people
B. Davis – Humble mind
Capleton – Raggy road
Llyod Brown – Know yourself
Dark Angel – Free da minds
Ras Attitude – Bad mind
Cocoa Tea & Gentleman – Be yourself
Tony Curtis – Why you so bad mind
Raggasonic ft. Mykal Rose – Mental

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