dimanche 15 septembre 2013

Dig it all? Digital!

émission du 15-09-13

Lady Ann – Murderer
Kenny Knots – Watch how the people dancing
Gregory Isaacs – Rumours
Conroy Smith – Dangerous
Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Vote for we
Frankie Paul – War is in the dance
John Wayne – Call the police
Nitty Gritty & Tenor Saw – We run things
Puppa Leslie – Prédominant
Welton Irie – Professional
Brigadier Jerry – Every man is my brethren
Cobra – A wah
Chronicle – Give a little love
Pompidoo – Synthetizer voice
Supercat – Ride’n shut off
Solo Banton – Music addict
Yami Bolo – Jah made them all
Selah Collins – Pick a sound
Daddy Lizard – A fi fly out
Daddy Tar - Zig ziwya

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