lundi 10 décembre 2012

United stones from Rome to Israel

9 Décembre 1905: séparation Eglise et Etat en France
1981: arrestation de Mumia Abu Jamal
1987: 1ère intifada palestienne


Meditations – Rome
Jezzreel – Roman soldiers
Alpha blondy – Jerusalem
Profesor – Intifada
Barry Brown – Give another Israel a try
John Giscombe – Children of Israel
Jimmy Riley – Hard headed Israelites
Delano & Sheron Tucker – Gather Israelites
Dennis Brown – Children of Israel
Jr Reid – Mumia skit
I Mara – Free Mumia Abu Jamal
Typical Féfé – Abu Jamal
Jah Nyne ft. Peter Runks – Unity is strenght
Luciano & Mickey General – Red inna Rome
Da Professor – Peace and unity
Fantan Mojah – Unity
Harry J & Chukki Banton - Liquidator/World peace

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