dimanche 12 août 2012

Jamaicans run independently

6 Aout 1962: indépendance de la Jamaïque
Août 2012: les Jamaïcains font un carton aux J.O. de Londres

Count Lasher – Jump independently
Lord Creator – Independent Jamaica
African Stone – Run rasta run
Freddy Mc gregor – Jogging
Itals – Jamaican style
Black Slate - Winners
Cornell Campbell - My country
Early B – History of Jamaica
Tonton David – Un peu de sport
Freddie Mc Gregor – I was born a winner
Mankind – Big up Jamaica
Roberto Gell – Jamaica
Don Carlos - Movin to the top
Glen Washington - Win or lose
Chuck Fender - Haffi win
Utan Green – Heading to the top
Beenie Man - From Jamaica
Vybz Kartel – Lightning Bolt
Usain Bolt – Faster than lightning
The voices of sweet Jamaica – All star remix

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