dimanche 20 novembre 2011

L'arrivée des Dj's Qui-font-c'qu'ils-peuvent

Emission du 20-11-11

Big Youth – Foreman vs Frazier
The Pioneers – Long shot (kick de bucket)
The Three tops – Do it right
Tony & Dennis – Folk song
The Ethiopians – Woman capture man
The Gaylads – Tell the children the truth
The Gaylettes – Here comes that feeling (aka Lonesome feeling)
Hot Rods – Pengeleng
Joe Higgs – Hard times don’t bother me
KC White – Freedom time
Carl Malcolm & Ranking Trevor – Repatriation
Barry Brown – Give another Israel a try
Dennis Brown & Prince Mohammed – Money in my pocket/Cool running
Barry Brown – Payday (Them belly full)

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