dimanche 26 juin 2011

United & independant

Le 26 Juin 1945, création de la charte des Nations Unies
Le 26 Juin 1960, indépendance de Madagascar
(Emission du 26-06-11)

Joe Higgs – Unity is power
Haile Selassie – War (discours à la Société des Nations 1963)
Clancy Eccles – Power for the people
Dudley Sibley – Love in our nation
Sylford Walker – Save our nation
Jacob Miller – Healing of the nation
Glen Brown – Get together
Dennis Brown – Together Brothers
Big Youth – Feed the nation
Junior Murvin – People of the world
Pablo Moses – One people
Julian Marley – Build together
Sizzla – Repatriation for my nation
Fantan Mojah – Unity
The Clash – Pressure drop
The Clash – Armagideon time

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